Hidden Gems in Keewatin

It's Blogsday! A "Special Hidden Gems" edition because what better way to spend the long weekend than to explore a neat Canadian town?!

Keewatin is located a short 15 minute drive from Pye's Landing and has some little known gems such as the Glacier Rock Holes, which can be found just off Highway 17, on 6th Street. There's a small sign indicating where to turn - but if in doubt, take the street directly west of Keystone Security Solutions. The holes are a neat geological feature left behind from the Laurentide Glacier that covered most of Canada, and safe viewpoints can be found down a nicely maintained pathway, leading to a covered viewing section - perfect for those hot sunny days (which hopefully we will get many of this long weekend!) Heads up - this gem will not appear on Google Maps - check out the Facebook page for the natural attraction above to find directions! 

The largest Rock Hole

The largest Rock Hole

Also a hop, skip and a jump from the holes is Keewatin Beach, a lovely spot for a picnic, and a family swim to cool off during these beautiful, and muggy, summer days!

Venture into old downtown Keewatin, and you'll find yourself at the Mather Walls House - built in 1889, you can enjoy tea with the resident ghost in this classic Queen Anne Victorian style home. The ghost is so notorious the house was featured on an episode of Creepy Canada.  To find out more, watch this video!

Another awesome thing to check out is the Keewatin Foot Bridge - where you can walk over the Winnipeg River, gaze at the lily pads, and enjoy a lovely day on, but not in, the water! Parking can be found at the Keewatin Memorial Arena and you'll be able to see the unique arch-shaped bridge from the lot! Warning: this bridge is ideal for photos and daydreaming! Perhaps you can make an afternoon of it, and pack a picnic!

Don't pass up Keewatin - this oft passed-by spot is full of neat houses, and interesting hidden gems - if you stop by, be sure to tell us your favourite spots and new discoveries!

Other Canada Day Weekend activities to look forward to include the annual Camp Fireworks happening in the New Development - seasonal and overnight campers are welcome! Look to the sky Saturday evening at dusk and join in the celebration!

Have a joyous Canada Day!


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