8 Ways to Spend July Long on the Lake

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Summer has officially arrived and with it the Canada Day weekend! The forecast looks promising depending which service you check, and it looks like it will likely be a warm weekend! What better way to cool off than to dip your toes in Lake of the Woods and enjoy the summer sunshine for all it’s worth?! We have suggestions for folks who have access to a boat, and those who don’t - keep reading to find out how best to live the lake life this weekend!

No Boat Necessary:

Go For A Dip

Grab the swim gear and a towel and head down to the beach! Don’t forget your sunscreen and the beach bag (filled with snacks, preferably)!

Go For A Float

Perhaps swimming has tired you out, and it’s time to relax in the lake - grab your favourite floatie and maybe an anchor (who really wants to have to swim back towards shore every few minutes?) and get your lake on!

Build a Sandcastle

Revisit your youth (whether you have young ones with you or not) and build the most magnificent sand fortress on the beach! Or, if sand artistry isn’t your thing, keep it simple with classic shapes and designs! When was the last time you set about building something only to destroy it? It can be incredibly rewarding! Feel free to narrate the demise of your empire to other beachgoers, and maybe they’ll be convinced to join in the fun!

Hunt for Seashells & Magical Beach Finds

Search for mementos to take home or keep at the camper! Shells and claws are abundant, and who knows, you may just find a treasure!

Lounge on the Beach

Maybe being water adjacent rather than immersed is more your thing - and that’s okay! Grab a lounger, a beach blanket or towel and catch some rays! Bring hydration, sun protection and your favourite book to really unwind!

Boat Activities

Go for a Cruise or a Paddle

What’s the use in having or renting a boat if you don’t use it! Get out on the lake - even if a big catch isn’t the plan, there’s something to be said about exploring the lake yourself! Practice safe boating and paddling, take some supplies (and snacks) to make a day of it!

Flex Those Watersport Muscles

Grab the skis, the board or the tube and catch the wake (or stay outside of it!) - never done it before? There’s no better time than now! Wear a life jacket, have a good idea of the waters you’ll be in, and make sure you have a spotter! Your arm muscles will be looking tight and toned in no time!

Go Fishing

We hear the fishing is good, head out there and let us know! There’s muskie, walleye, and more to be found in Lake of the Woods!

Provided the weather is good this weekend, you’ll have no reason to not hit the lake, and now you’ve got lots of ideas! Let’s get to it!

We wish everyone a happy and safe long weekend!

Pye’s Landing

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