Campfire Games for Family Fun (& A Couple Just For Adults)

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It wouldn’t be a campfire without one or two levels of Angry Bird around the fire…. wait? What?!

You’re right! Camping and campfires are all about getting back to nature! So, in the spirit of putting down the phone, tablet, or handheld game, we’ve got a list of excellent campfire games to try!

For the Whole Family

Make Me Laugh

A great, silly activity for the whole family, Make Me Laugh is simple, and easy to throw together with no supplies or materials other than a timer or watch! Object of the Game: make the other team laugh.

How to Play:

  • Divide into two teams and decide which team will be “on stage” first.

  • The off stage team will select one of their own members to be in the “hot seat”

  • Set timer for two minutes

  • The onstage team has two minutes to make the person in the hot seat laugh!

  • If the hot seat lasts the entire two minutes without laughing, the offstage team gets a point!

  • The teams alternate being on and off stage

  • First team to 7 points wins!

What constitutes a laugh? An easy rule to follow is that if you show your teeth, you’re out, and the other team gets a point!

Some helpful guidelines:

  • the onstage team can work together or individually

  • the onstage team is not allowed to:

    • touch the other team

    • make fun of the hot seat

    • be mean

Peel the Mallow

Our favourite games combine skill and snacks, and Peel the Mallow is a great example of both! The goal: lightly roast a marshmallow over the fire and peel off the top layer one by one until no more marshmallow is left. Keep a record of how many layers are peeled throughout the camping trip and the camper with the most layers gets a great prize: first dibs on the s’mores!

* If you light your mallow on fire, you’re out of the running for the rest of the night!

Earn Your S’more

Who knew s’mores could be delicious and silly?! This game (with no real winner) involves some prep work. Have everyone write down a handful of funny or silly tasks on slips of paper, like “sing the ABCs backwards” or “invent a new dance move,” and collect the slips in a container. In order to receive a s’more, a camper must pick a slip of paper and perform the task!

Three Things I Cannot Live Without 

Perfect for those with wild imaginations! Each person jots down three things they cannot live without on a piece of paper. These items can be physical items, ideas, literal, or not! For example, a list could be: love, ice cream, and puppies. Once everyone has made their lists, put them in a container and give it a shake! Pass the container around, taking turns picking one and reading it aloud, and then guessing who wrote it! Laughs are guaranteed!

Games for Adults


Start with a certain circumstance, and go around the fire sharing things you would or would not do in that instance. Guaranteed to garner some laughs, here are some ideas that may spark some interesting responses:

  • The things you would never say to your new in-laws

  • The worst way to ask someone on a date

  • Things you would hopefully not let slip in a job interview

If your group has wild imaginations, the topics are endless! You may just learn some new things about your friends! The topics can be as silly or adult as the group deems fit! Add in a social element where if it comes out that someone in the group has done one of the responses in a situation in real life, they have to take a drink!

Would You Rather 

A classic group game perfect for late nights and a bevvie! Prepare yourself for some great conversation starters and interesting discussion. Ask a “would you rather” question and have everyone answer the question in turn - you never know what you may find out!

This game can easily be made kid-friendly, or lead into a round of “Never Have I Ever…”

True or False

Gather slips of paper, a container and a dice. Have everyone write a handful of nouns on the slips, and gather them in the container. Select someone to go first, have them roll the dice (they’ll keep the outcome a secret) - if they roll an even number, they’ll have to tell a true story about themselves using a noun that they picked out! If an odd number is rolled, make the story up. Everyone has to guess whether your story is true or false - if they guess wrong, they have to drink, if they guess right, the story teller has to drink.

This game can also be made family friendly using points instead of drinks!

How’s that for a fun camping trip! Will you be trying any of these out on your next adventure? Let us know below!

Happy Camping,

Pye’s Landing

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