Long Weekend Checklist

Is it just us or does there need to be more long weekends?

With the upcoming May Long Weekend in celebration of Victoria Day, here are some tips and tricks to make your long weekend a success!



Check availability and book - all from home!

  1. Brainstorm Ideas in Advance

    Want to get the family or friend group together? Advance notice may be required! Sow the seeds for the gathering early so everyone can fit it into their schedule.

  2. Book Accommodations, Activities, or Tours

    You have the who, now the where. Make a roadtrip out of it and get out of the city - or vice versa - take it to the city! Personally, we’re big fans of getting back to nature and having a good old fashioned long weekend camping trip. Call or book your accommodations online. If having a staycation and planning to do the next activity on your bucket list, book in advance to ensure availability!

  3. Check the Weather

    No one wants to be caught in shorts during a snow storm! Check the weather to determine what clothes to wear/pack, and what activities will be suitable!

  4. Pack Supplies

    Clothing, food, gear, jackets, blankets, s’mores, sunscreen, bug spray, and don’t forget extra water!

  5. Hit the Road

    Fuel up, type in your destination, and hit the road!

  6. Live in the Moment!

    If you’re lucky enough to have the long weekend off, truly turn off, disconnect from the work email, and enjoy your surroundings!

  7. Be Flexible

    Just like the weather, plans change. Be a little flexible and don’t let any details that don’t pan out get you down! If you’re really on top of your long weekend planning, maybe you have a backup plan - if not, don’t fret! Spontaneity could be just the spice you need in your life!

  8. Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible

    If the long weekend is your opportunity to unwind and destress, have at it! Make safe choices, respect your environment, and be respectful of laws and posted guidelines. Nothing ruins a good weekend like getting in trouble or getting hurt.

  9. Repeat!

    So, now you’ve had an excellent long weekend - before you know it, the next one will be around the corner - start your planning now by heading back to the top of this checklist!

How will you be spending your long weekend, we’d like to know!

Happy Weekending,

Pye’s Team

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